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Refrigeration copper tube pipe cutter CT127/CT128

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  • CT127/CT128

 Refrigeration copper tube pipe cutter

 supply flaring tools,hand tools,flaring tools for expanding tube,copper tube pliers,tube bender.

 Refrigeration tools and refrigeration parts we can supply bender Include:

 1) Pipe cutters

 2) Flaring tools

 3) Refrigerate tool kits

 4) 4.7 hole double flaring tool kits

 5) Pipe cutter + flaring tools sets

 6) Flaring tools for expanding tubes

 7) Curving pliers

 8) Pinch off pliers

 9) Special wrenches

 10) Capillary tube cutters

 11) Engineering special combined pipe benders Used for soft copper tube, Aluminum tube, Titanium tube, soft steel and other soft tube.

 Expander segments are made of high-quality hardened steel.

 Refrigeration tools: Tube cutter, Faring tool, Pressure gauges, Charging hose, Refrigerant charging scale, leakage detector.


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