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Cbb65 Capacitor 250vac 10uf 60uf

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  • CBB65
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 Metal case,plastic insulation. insulation oil impregnation, with inner pressure protection device, safe and reliable; small volume,light weight,high insulation resistance,high withstand voltage,low dissipationfactor, good self-healing, stable performance and etc.

Air conditioning,compressor,cold dryer or other single-phase power supplu system asynchronous motor and three-phase asynchranous motor use single phase power supply

Technical Parameter Reference value
Voltage range  370Vac ~ 450Vac 50/60Hz
Capacitance range  1+15μF~15+80μF
Capacitance tolerance  ±5%(J), ±10%(K)
Operating temperature range   -40℃~85℃
Withstand voltage   T-T 2Un/60s
T-C 2Un +1000Vac/60s( ≥2200V)
Dissipation factor ≤0.004, 1000Hz
Altitude  ≤2000m
Reference standard  GB/T3667.1, IEC/EN60252.1 UL810,VDE0560-8



Capacitance 370-450VAC
1+15μF—10+15μF 50 75-80
1+20μF—10+20μF 50
1+25μF—10+25μF 50 85-105
1+30μF—10+30μF 50
1+35μF—10+35μF 50
1+40μF—10+40μF 50
1+45μF—10+45μF 50
1+50μF—10+50μF 50 105-125
1+55μF—10+55μF 55
1+60μF—10+60μF 55
1+70μF—10+70μF 60 100-125
1+80μF—10+80μF 55



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