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EGO Thermostat (capillary thermostat for gas oven)

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  • EGO type
  • Bestar
  • 100000PCS/Year
  • China
  • In seaworthy cartons.
Temperature Rage : 0 to 320 The products of our company have the following characteristics compared with those of the multinationals: 1. Non-contact sintering and long service life. There is absolutely no contact sintering in our products, and the failure rate of those of the multinationals is about 3‰; 2. No temperature drift and accurate temperature control. The temperature drift of our products is 1/2~1/4 of those of the multinationals; 3. Little on and off difference and constant temperature of the controlled liquid. The on and off difference is 1/2~1/3 of those of the multinationals; 4. Exquisite appearance: top-grade stainless steel spot welding and welding processing in China; 5. Quality promise: the failure rate of our products is≤3‰, and we will make three times' compensation of the exceeding part; 6. Testing equipment: automatically controlled by computer; 7. Certificates: CE,VDE,ROHS; 8. Management system: implementing according to ISO9001.
       Type F                Operating temperature        Capillary length        Axis length        Angle
       L        H
       F40-653-21                0        40        900mm        23(15)mm        270°
       F90-653-21        30        90        900mm        23(15)mm        180°
       F110-653-21        30        110        900mm        23(15)mm        180°
       F200-653-21        50        200        900mm        23(15)mm        225°
       F250-653-21        50        250        900mm        23(15)mm        225°
       F300-653-21        50        300        900mm        23(15)mm        225°
       F320-653-21        50        320        900mm        23(15)mm        225°


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