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Outdoor Furnace Parts Hanging Hot Water Coils Unit Heaters

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O.D. : 4.76, 6.35, 8.00mm Product Description: Outdoor furnace parts Hanging Hot Water Unit heaters These compact units are designed to maximize heat transfer by utilizing a series of 3/8" copper tubes with a high density of aluminum fins. These fins are spaced such that the fin density is 12 fins per inch. This design enables heating loads of 50, 000-60, 000 BTU per square foot (please see performance chart). Despite such high fin density there is minimal pressure drop through these coils. This heat exchanger is crafted of stainless steel. Because water flows through this exchanger at such a high rate of speed, it cleans itself. The model of heat exchanger you will require is based on the volume of water that you need it to handle. Applications thaools, hot tubs, and waste water. This particular heat exchanger features a capacity of 60, 000 BTU/H. Heat exchangers such as this one can be used for include oil coolers, transmission and engine coolers, boiler sample coolers Specifications Model Capacity, Water flowrate(gpm)/pressure drop(psi) Air flowrate(cfm) BTU/h 180-160F 180- 150F 180- 170FDelta T 20F 12× 12 600006.2/0.044.1/0.0212.4/0.14273A 16× 16 800008.2/0.095.5/4.0416.5/0.303630 16× 18 10000010.3/0.156.9/0.0720.6/0.494544 18× 18 12000012.4/0.178.2/0.0824.7/0.575450 18× 20 14000014.4/0.249.6/0.1228.8/0.836360 19× 20 15000015.5/0.2810.3/0.1430.9/0.946810 20× 20 16000016.5/0.2611.0/0.1333.8/0.877270 22× 22 20000020.6/0.3513.7/0.1741.2/1.199080 20× 25 19000019.6/0.4313.1/0.2139.1/1.468630 22× 25 22004022.7/0.4715.1/0.2345.3/1.599990 We can supply heat exchanger according to your drawings or samples. Our products are being supplied to Russia, Ukraine, Korea, Japan, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Italy, Britain, Spain, Portugal, USA, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil...For many years. Please send the specification your request, I will send our competitive prices for your reference. Best wished! Vito


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