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Phosphorus Copper Brazing Rods

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  • HS211
Specifications Copper phosphorus brazing rod material(Brass welding rod): Copper and Zinc alloy, widely used to braze carbon steel, cast iron, hard car Also Name: Brass welding wire WELDING ROD: Square rod and Round rod Square size: Max: 4.2mm Round Diameter: 1.5mm~10.0mm WELDING WIRE Diameter: 0.6mm~1.2mm CuZn40Ni Most popular for padding material of Gas-welding and ARC welding in brass. Can also used in gas welding of copper, steel, copper-nickel, cast tion and cemented carbide alloy tools incrustation. Recommended for the joining welding of copper with CU-Sn alloy. Best for the joining welding of Cu-Zn alloy with steel. Pre-heart suggested for the large size products and pulsed ARC welding is recommended for multilayer on steel. AWS 5.7 ERCuSi-A Best for the joining and overlay welding of Cu-Zn alloy, especially for the MIG welding of Zinc coated steel sheet. Pre-heat suggested when MIG overlay welding for large size products and use pulsed ARC welding while overlay the steeel. We supply many types of welding wire, Any needs, please contact me.


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