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Sliding Bearing (SF-1)

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Sliding bearing Availability: Cylindrical bushes, flange bushes, thrust washers and strips. Non-standard parts. 1. PTFE and Lead mixture: 0.01~0.03 mm 2. Sintered bronze powder: 0.20-0.35 mm 3. Low-carbon steel: 0.7~2.3 mm 4. Tin plating with 0.005mm, or Copper plating with 0.008 mm Features and APPLICATION: Triple-layer, thin wall wrapped bushing. Maintenance free. Performs well in oil lubrication. This product is widely applied in: Automotive: McPherson struts and shock absorbers, door, bonnet (hood) and tailgate hinges, steering columns, clutches, gearbox selector fork guides, wiper arms, power steering pumps, pedal bushes, ABS equipment, etc. Industrial: Lifting equipment, hydraulic pumps and motors, pneumatic equipment, medical equipment, textile machinery, agricultural equipment, scientific equipment, drying ovens, office equipment, etc.
       Tech. data
       Max. Load        Static        250 N/mm2        Temp.        -195~280
       Dynamic        140 N/mm2        Friction coeffcient        0.03~0.20
       Max. Speed        Dry        2.5m/s        Thermal conductivity        42W(m*K) 1
       Lubrication        5m/s
       Max. PV        Dry        3.8 N/mm2. m/s        Coefficent of thermal expansion        11X10  6*K  1
       Lubrication        50N/mm2. m/s


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