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Roll Bond Aluminum Evaporator Manufactures

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Product Description
Material:Aluminium plate1.8-3.0mm
Structures:Two painted plate are blowed up after riveting heating and
Heat exchange method and performance:Refrigerant exchanging according aluminium plate directly,meet freezing compartment -18℃,cooling compartment -2-4℃
Coating quality standards:
1 Coacting thickness:Flat plate spraying powder 40-90um
2 Impact of coating: 50kg/cm no crack no strip
3 Hardness of coating: ≥2H
4 Adhesion of coating: Meet the first grade standard(Cross hatch and tape test)
5 Lustre: ≥86%
6 Flexibility:Circle 3D no crack no strip
7 Corrosion resistant: HG/T2006-91,GB/T1771-91,Powder coating 400h No corrosion
Internal quality:No leakage,Meet internal cleanliness requirements of CFC & NON CFC refrigerant

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  • Refrigerator Parts
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  • DRRZ-04
  • 8418999990

All kinds of size roll bond evaporator for refrigerator


Specifications :  

Manufacture Derectly Export Roll Bond Evaporator For Refrigerator 

Refrigerator Parts: Roll Bond Evaporator 

We can supply all kinds of roll bond evaporator. We can manufacture according to the customers' drawings or samples.

Detail information about Roll Bond Evaporator as follows:





Double side rollbond evaporator,
single side rollbond evaporator,
part single side rollbond evaporator

Key process

Prepare the material, Cleaning, roughing surface, Printing, Riveting, Rolling, Annealing, Blow up, Punching, Folding and shaping, Capillary connecting, Assembly welding, Leakage Test, Cleaning and drying, Coating, Curing, Inspection, Packing

Technical Standards

Can produce according to the drawing or sample supplied by clients, also can help the clients design and produce different models of roll bond evaporator.


1) Surface treated with powder painting to prevent the corrosion
2) Inner cleanness can meet the requirement of R134a & CFC cooling system.
3) Can satisfy the cooling capability requirements.


3.5 million sets per year (10000 sets per day)


 We can offer other size:  


35*45/ 40*45/ 40*30/ 45*30/ 118*26/

120*40/ 125*50/ 128*30/ 128*50/

135*35/ 140*30/ 145*35/ 156*35/

156*40/ 170*36/ 170*40/ 180*50/

190*40/ 200*36/ 200*50

And so on....



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